Golden Generaction


The 11th edition of VIOFF is signed by Camilla Falsini.
For VIOFF Golden Generaction represents Vicenza and the commercial district with a focus on the Palladian Basilica expressing its distinctive style that combines a modern and rich minimal urban narrative with young characters who become protagonists of the scene, interact within the work and capture the true essence of Gen Z.

Golden Experience

In its 10th edition, VIOFF exalts multisensoriality; “Golden Experience” aims to offer the calendar of events as a cross-sensory experience that plays on the enhancement of the 5 senses, outlining a multisensory journey full of initiatives.

Golden District

Figurative exhibitions, masterpieces of Ancient Egypt, itineraries in the workshops of master craftsmen, jugglers, and golden aperitifs. The theme of the “Golden District” edition is devoted to enhancing an area where design, quality, and production capacity come together in internationally recognized excellence.

Golden Green

Art, music, entertainment, and culture take center stage inside the event’s exclusive location, the Golden Factory, with a packed calendar of events centered around the theme of sustainability. Under the patronage of the Veneto Region.


From h.16:00 to h.18:00