Vicenzaoro Fuori Fiera
6 - 8 September 2024

Vicenzaoro Fuori Fiera 2024 – VIOFF Golden Generaction wants to talk to the new generations by stimulating young people to deepen the opportunities offered by the goldsmith sector. For them a rich program of dedicated activities, training courses and moments of sharing organized in collaboration with Federorafi. VIOFF Golden Generaction will animate, as is tradition, the heart of the city with a wide range of art, culture and entertainment, for all tastes and all ages, thanks to rich news and prestigious collaborations.



The 11th edition of VIOFF is signed by Camilla Falsini.

For VIOFF Golden Generaction represents Vicenza and the commercial district with a focus on the Palladian Basilica expressing its distinctive style that combines a modern and rich minimal urban narrative with young characters who become protagonists of the scene, interact within the work and capture the true essence of Gen Z.

Visually appealing subjects collaborate, enriching the city with talent, creativity and inventiveness.

The Basilica Palladiana, at the center of the work, is connected to a character through the graphic sign of a pencil that, with its stroke, tells how the most beautiful and recognized jewels of our city are the culture and history that represent Vicenza in the world.
Next to, and in a dominant position, a second character brings attention to a ring, the result of a wise goldsmith tradition and craftsmanship that, increasingly thanks to the contribution of young people, looks towards a future oriented to high technology and innovation illuminated by creativity, skills and talent of the young people of tomorrow.

the program



Friday 19 January 

From h. 9.00 to h. 13.00 

Teatro San Marco, Contrà S. Francesco, 76 – Vicenza  

Talks dedicated to in-depth study of the industry. A morning of training involving secondary schools in Vicenza and province (with special focus on transition classes – second- and third-year middle schools, fourth- and fifth-year high schools). An initiative aimed at answering young people’s questions through in-depth speeches by leading representatives of national goldsmith companies.


From 18 to 31 January   

Museo del Gioiello, Piazza dei Signori – Vicenza 

Camilla Falsini’s stylized figures fit seamlessly into the urban landscape. Over the course of her career, she has used her distinctive style to leave a lasting impression on urban landscapes through her public art installations, on view at the Museo del Gioiello from Jan. 18th to 31st.


From 16 to 21 January 

Contrà del Monte – Vicenza 

An open-air exhibition will be set up along Contrà del Monte starting Jan. 16 (through to Jan. 21): freestanding totems will be temporarily placed depicting ten selected jewelry sketches produced by students from leading national and international design institutes. The totems will include a QR CODE to vote for your favorite piece of jewelry, which will be awarded on Sunday, January 21 at the Fiera dell’Oro di Vicenza during a dedicated award ceremony.


From 19 to 29 January 

Contrà Camillo Benso di Cavour – Vicenza  

A dynamic exhibition to tell the story of Vicenzaoro’s 70 years and to disseminate knowledge of the goldsmith sector to young people. The exhibition is proposed through a route along Contrà Cavour that tells the evolution of jewellery over the years and celebrates the anniversary of the world’s longest-running gold and jewellery event.

Thanks to the initiative conceived with the support of Confcommercio, moreover, the shops in the historic city centre will display a poster equipped with a QR code, thanks to which visitors will be able to discover the exhibition in a digital version within the dedicated website.


Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January  

From h. 10.00 to h. 12.30 

From h. 16.00 to h. 19.00 

Viale della Scienza 24 – Vicenza  

At your complete disposal is a tour dedicated to the world of homes. Denota makes an object unique, personalizes a pochette and expresses the uniqueness of those who choose them by carefully considering color, textures, and details. Denota candles, fabrics, glasses, room diffusers… so that beauty invades every moment of the home, of the person, of life. They search for something unique, with the desire to bring it to light and make it accessible to those who can recognize it.


From 19 to 21 January 

From h. 17:00 to h. 23:00 

Piazza dei Signori – Vicenza  

A fascinating light installation will make the prestigious Piazza dei Signori shine. An extraordinary event open to the city; from 19 to 21 January, in a poetic symbiosis of art, design, and architecture, the scenic light installation will spread the communicative power of the event.


From 19 to 21 January 

Diffused event, Centro Storico – Vicenza  

Discover the traditional culinary events involving the city’s gastronomic hubs: Golden Taste involves restaurants and bars to spread a menu aimed at highlighting the gold and culinary excellence of the territory.


Saturday 20 January 

From h. 16.00 to h. 18.00 

Museo del Gioiello, Piazza dei Signori – Vicenza 

Demonstration on engraving techniques using the burin technique, typical of the goldsmith’s art, by Stamperia d’arte Busato with Vicenza artist and burin expert Maurizio D’Agostini. On-site fabrication of a small die that will later be hand-printed with the star press. Event open to the public for questions and curiosity. Duration approximately 2 hours.



Saturday 20 January 

First round from h. 15.00

Second round from h. 16.30

Daniela Vettori Arte Orafa, Piazza dei Signori, 35 – Vicenza  

The visit begins with a tour of the workshop, which is located a short distance from the shop in Piazza dei Signori, during which you will get a close-up look at how a piece of jewelry is created, thanks to the storytelling of the artisans who will illustrate the different stages of precious metal working. You will be able to watch a silver plate being worked in a special way to create a Kintsugi pendant. The experience, lasting about an hour, will end in the store under the Basilica Palladiana where participants will be treated to a tasting of artisanal pastries and the chance to admire the artistic creations of the historic Vicenza goldsmith store, Daniela Vettori. Cost: 15 euros per participant.

Registration and useful information: 


Saturday 20 January

From h. 15.30 to h. 18.30 

Cappelleria Palladio, Contrà Pescherie Vecchie – Vicenza 

A social shoot dedicated to this precious object, to learn about and explore the world of manufacturing excellence that meets the jewelry industry.


Saturday 20 January 

From h. 17.00 to h. 20.00 

Piazza dei Signori – Vicenza  

On Saturday evening, a renowned pianist will play a live concert open to the townspeople in the center of the square. The set-up will be enhanced with a dashboard where young people can leave their thoughts, wishes, or ambitions for the future, both professional and personal. A way to leave a mark and listen to young people in order to initiate a collaboration that unites the territory, students, and professionals.

SILENT PLAY – VICENZA Città dell’Oro e dell’Artigianato  

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 January 

Diffused event, Starting point: Museo del Gioiello, Basilica Palladiana, Piazza dei Signori, 44 – Vicenza  

Immersive experience through an audio tour on foot among the artisan workshops and iconic places of Vicenza’s historic center, for the first time together in a single tourist itinerary with which to rediscover the city from another point of view. The Vicenza Silent Play initiative is organized by CNA Veneto Ovest through the A&D Artigianato & Design project, in collaboration with the Museo del Gioiello di Vicenza and La Piccionaia Centro di Produzione Teatrale.



Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January  

From h. 17.00 to h. 20.00 

Viale della Scienza 24 – Vicenza  

Segato opens the doors of its Wine Shop to let people taste wines that have a story to tell and a content capable of revealing itself in the glass, organizing two Golden Wine-themed events.

Friday 19: durello evening. Tasting of two types of the Charmat method version to familiarize people with the grape variety and the difference of the various territories; accompanied with local sopressa. 

Saturday 20: prosecco evening. Tasting a Treviso doc version (plain) and a Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg to demonstrate the differences between plain and hill varieties; accompanied by finger food. 

It will also be possible to taste a Tai rosso colli Berici Doc.


Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 January 

Emporio Olio Carli,  

Contrà Camillo Benso Cavour 12, Vicenza  

The doors of the Emporium are open to accompany customers and visitors to discover the world of Olio Carli: the know-how and the continuous search for perfection, something that goes beyond the pleasure of tasting good things.  A taste experience, a journey through the most genuine flavors of the oil tradition in their company, a tasting of the products made even more enjoyable by a glass of wine.


Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 January 

From h. 11:00 to h. 12:30 

Campagna Amica covered market,  

Corso Fogazzaro, 137 – Vicenza 

At the Campagna Amica headquarters, the public will be hosted by Coldiretti for an all-gold market. Supporting farms that care for the environment and protect biodiversity while introducing Vicenza residents and tourists to the pleasure of enjoying a zero-kilometer product that comes from the producer directly to the table.


Sunday 21 January 

From h. 10:00 to h. 12:00  

From h. 15:00 to h. 17:00  

Stamperia Busato, Contrà porta Santa Lucia, 38 – Vicenza 

Drypoint etching workshops on plexiglass, available by reservation for a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people – duration about 2 hours; learn about the process of manual intaglio printing using the star press. The workshop will open with an introductory part and a short demonstration overview of engraving techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at drypoint etching technique on plexiglass with a dedicated workshop. At the end, each participant will be given the matrix with the print made and a brief description of the activity done. Cost 20 euros per participant, registration required.



Sunday 21 January  

From h. 10:30 to h. 12:00 

IAT, Piazza Matteotti, 12 – Vicenza 

The traditional Treasure Hunt dedicated to children is back to help them discover the city’s cultural treasures through visits to museums on the city circuit. On Sunday, January 21st, we start at 10:30 a.m. from the Vicenza è Tourist Consortium and arrive at the Jewel Museum in Piazza dei Signori.

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